Stand has been a fixture on the British and world literary scene since 1952, when the first issue appeared in London. It moved to Leeds in 1960, then to Newcastle, and it is now edited from the School of English at the University of Leeds in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University in the USA. Stand continues to welcome submissions of poetry and short fiction from around the world.

Recent special issues reflect Stand's origins at Leeds as well as its longstanding international identity. In 2017 we dedicated an issue to recent writing from China. This was an exciting innovation in collaboration with colleagues in Chinese Studies at Leeds, which was followed in spring last year by an Indonesian special issue and in the summer by one which featured Singaporean women's writing. We continue to celebrate writers who have had a particular relationship to Stand. In 2017 one issue featured the late Geoffrey Hill and included some of his unpublished poems; another celebrated Tony Harrison’s 80th birthday. In 2018 we commemorated the 80th anniversary of Ken Smith's birth.

Subscriptions: You can receive your quarterly copy of the latest issue of Stand by taking out a subscription. By subscribing you will be able to read the latest poetry, fiction and reviews from writers in the UK, the USA and around the world. Stand publishes work by prominent established writers. We also publish work by new authors and those just making their names. Your subscription gives us a regular income that helps writers and readers around the world. Please subscribe.

Anticipated publication dates for 2024 are as follows.

  • Issue 240 Volume 21.4: December 2023 - February 2024: Published
  • Issue 241 Volume 22.1: March - May 2024: Published
  • Issue 242 Volume 22.2: June - August 2024
  • Issue 243 Volume 22.3: September - November 2024
  • Issue 244 Volume 22.4: December 2024 - February 2025

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Stand wishes to acknowledge the support of the School of English at the University of Leeds, and the work of colleagues from Virginia Commonwealth University and the School of the Arts at the University of Bolton who give their time to assist in editing the magazine. Stand also offers opportunities to students to volunteer in production, writing, and reviewing. Jon Silkin, Stand’s founder, felt that writing and editing, printing and selling, reading, discussing and sharing new work were all part of making new literature alive and possible in a difficult world.

Copyright this selection Stand Magazine Ltd. 2020.

Copyright of individual items remains with contributors. Stand and its editors accept no liability for views expressed or statements made by individual contributors to the magazine.

In the Current Issue of Stand Cover of Stand 241, 22(1) Poems by Lauren Camp, Naomi Foyle, Roger Garfitt, Margaret Lloyd, Sean O’Brien, Rory Waterman, and others Short fiction by Joe Davies, Ciarán Folan, Sarada Gray, Martin Jackson,
J. G. Jesman, Jacqueline Yallop, and Karen Levy
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