Connie Wieneke

Connie Wieneke has lived in Wyoming, where her flock of chickens has dwindled, as has her devotion to six months of winter, though not to her husband of nearly forty years. All of her writing is fueled by place and family, by the ways in which memory sometimes gets it wrong, by the contradictions that niggle her to reconsider, again and again. Her most recent work appears in ballast, Last Stanza Poetry Journal, Barzakh, Stand, Pilgrimage, Weber: The Contemporary West, High Desert Journal, Split Rock Review, The Forge Literary Magazine, Talking River Review, and others. Her prose and poetry also have appeared in several anthologies, including Orison 6 Anthology and Rewilding: Poems for the Environment.

Connie Wieneke's work featured in Stand Magazine comprises five contributions of poetry, over a period of eight years.
Further Reading
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